We provide a variety of educational services from casual group talks, to weekend workshops and hands-on classes. Please contact us for more information.

Our current list of educational services include:

Construction BasicsConstruction Basics

This course covers the basics of construction technology to provide students an opportunity to discover their interest and aptitude within the construction trades.

Architectural Design with sketchupArchitectural Design with SketchUp

Learn how style and design can change the functionality of a home. Explore the different building methods and how they have changed over time. Then apply your knowledge to create a 3D house model using SketchUp.

Woodworking BasicsWoodworking Basics

How well do you know your wood? Learn how to read the grain of wood and capture its beauty and strength. Then master your tools to work in harmony with the material. These skills are directly applicable to cabinetry and furniture making.

Cabinet and Door constructionCabinet and Door Construction

Learn the art of making panels, frames and box’s. These skills combined with the basics of woodworking are directly applicable to furniture making and many high paying jobs.

furniture design and joineryFurniture Design and Joinery

If you can build fine furniture, you have mastered the art of woodworking. Explore the elements of functional furniture and hone in on your complex joinery skills with this furniture making class. After completing this class, your projects will be limited by only your imagination.

2-Day Workshops

An Introduction to building and living tinyAn Introduction to building and living tiny

This course is a fast and information filled workshop that will take you through the basics of tiny living and construction. It covers, everything from Downsizing and Legality Issues, Codes and Zoning, through all the phases of construction.

designing tiny with sketchupDesigning Tiny with SketchUp

This hands-on design course takes you through the building process one piece at a time as we model a tiny house using SketchUp. You will learn how to perform basic modeling using SketchUp. All students must have a computer with the free program pre-installed to take this course.

1-Day Workshops

Learning to Live SmallLearning to live small

This is a short course on downsizing and learning to live a more sustainable life. We will discuss some of the obstacles you may face and how to overcome them.

Trailers and 2x4sTrailers and 2x4s

This workshop brings you into-the-know with trailers and building materials. Don’t waste time and money buying inferior products. This workshop will pay for itself many times over.

Sketchup basicsSketchUp Basics

Want to design and draft your own house? This workshop will cover the basic functions of SketchUp so you can model like a pro. Learn to create a 3D Model of your dream house with precise measurements and take a virtual tour without spending a dime on materials.

Tools and jobsite safetyTools and Job Site Safety

This is a brief overview of the different tools you may encounter on a construction site and how to use them safely. This course will also give you a few cost saving tips to get the most out of your power tools.


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